I wish you all an excellent year 2017.


Happiness, health, prosperity, luck, serenity, little pleasures and great joys!

Education and Training

Institutional education - Bishop's University 

 Courses of the Certificate in Visual Arts Program  
  Collage Micheline Durocher Winter 2016
  Sculpture I Mona Godbout Fall 2015
  Painting II Seymour Segal Winter 2015
  Colour : Theory and Practice Martine Galarneau Fall 2012
  Painting I Seymour Segal Spring 2012
  Landscape Drawing & Paint Mona Godbout Spring 2012

UTA of the Université de Sherbrooke

  L'art canadien Suzanne Pressé Fall 2015
  J'aime... j'aime pas... l'art contemporain et actuel Suzanne Pressé Fall 2014


  Lucie Champoux Watercolor, Bishop's University, Lac-Brome 2012
  Michel Raymond, sca "De lumière et de couleurs" School, Bromont 2009 - 2010
  Roger Monette, iaf Painting Studio "La Signature", Longueuil 2006 - 2007

Intensive workshop

  Johannes Vloothuis Spirit of the Hills, Warkworth, ON May 4, 5, 6, 2012

Other Learnings

 Webinars with Johannes Vloothuis : theory, demonstrations, practical exercices 
  Essentials of Painting Grass & Snow May 2012
  Essentials of Painting Rocks March 2012
  Essentials of Painting Waterfalls February 2012
  Essentials of Painting Skies January 2012
  Essentials of Painting Water December 2011
  Essentials of Painting Trees October & November 2011
  Essentials of Painting Mountains August 2011
  Essentials of Painting Buildings June 2011
  How to Use Photos for Composing Stunning Landscape Paintings Winter 2011
 Webinars with Ken Vloothuis : theory, demonstrations, practical exercices  
   Secrets of the Old Masters September 2012 
 Webinars with Larry Seiler : theory, practical exercices  
  Painting Foundations : Strategies to Improve Your Work October 2011