I wish you all an excellent year 2017.


Happiness, health, prosperity, luck, serenity, little pleasures and great joys!


Born in Montreal in a modest environment, the young Helene had neither the permission nor the opportunity to study arts.  However, as far as she remembers, she has always been attracted by the sensitive expression of the beautiful.  As a child, she wanted to learn ballet, piano, play in a theater ...  So many none acceptable dreams for her blue collar working parents : to earn one's crust, it is necessary to learn and get a serious job.  A marriage, two children, a house and a "decent" work later, her old dreams caught up to her.

For a few years, Helene practiced ballet-jazz to be then attracted by the visual arts.  This is why she started photography, more and more seriously.  At that time, she thought painting required too many innate capacities, which she doubted she possessed.  She also took writing workshops, drafted some short stories and won a regional literary competition.  During the same period, she was frequently visiting museums and art galleries.  Always the visual arts called out to her but photography alone did not satisfy her anymore.  To reproduce passively landscapes, even magnificent, was not sufficient anymore.  She wanted to produce actively, she wanted to create.  So many years had passed ; finally, in January 2001 and for a too brief period, she dashed into oil painting courses, this medium chosen for its flexibility and infinite possibilities.

A moving in March of the same year as well as a series of contrary events pushed her aside from her brushes for a long time. However, a flame had ignited.  New courses - a few weeks in 2005, a few months in 2006-07 - allowed her to get back to the pleasure of painting.  The construction and the arrangement of a new home in 2007 diverted her, again and during two long years, from her aspiration to strengthen and to improve her training.  In 2009 however, she was able to start again enhancing her knowledge.  She has never stopped since.  Artist in emergence committed to an approach of search and pictorial experiment, Helene can, now retired, devote herself completely to what has become a passion.