I wish you all an excellent year 2017.


Happiness, health, prosperity, luck, serenity, little pleasures and great joys!

Artist's Statement

During many years, I favored the painting of landscapes.  In love with nature, my favorite subjects were inspired by photos taken during strolls.  My paintings tried to investigate the extraordinary wealth of the world that surrounds me. Cheerful and optimistic, I needed colors, meaningfull images.  However, I was painting softly, in tones more worned-out than lively.  Wanting too much to refrain myself by fear of going beyond accuracy, beyond realism, I locked myself into a security conservatism, but so much boring.  I decided, 2 years ago, to try abstract art. What a happiness ! Finally, being able to express myself without any limit, beyond any stuffy settings.

My approach to creation revolves around a few steps.  I like radiant colors and they are what first guides me.  An idea, a shape, a line, they all come afterward.  I do not make any sketches ; I dash directly on the canvas sustained by my imaginary universe, close to the way of the "Automatistes".  Optimism, vitality, spontaneity, light are the essential messages that I wish to convey.  With these cards in hands, I decide on a dominant, on the location and shape of the center of interest and then, I allow myself to be led by the inspiration of the moment.  I play with the color ; it makes visible my moods.

Passionate by lyrical abstraction, I practice shadings with my brushes, I add texture with palette knives, I explore contrasts.  I savor every moment of freedom which abstract allows me.  Without any point of reference, at the mercy of happenstance, I stay in tune with my work ; my painting indicates me how to paint it.  Curious, I thirst for learning and for knowledge acquisition, which I concretise with personal observations, regular contacts with other artists, reading of specialized publications drafted by famous and award-winner professionals.  I am in constant research, fascinated by art and painting.  Eager to investigate more of my creativity, I have only one desire, perfecting my know-how.